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Designer vs. Decorator

The difference matters. Adorna’s distinct expertise in architecture and interior design positions us to offer a range of comprehensive services beyond decorating. To help our prospective clients better understand the value we provide as design experts and because your success matters to us, it’s important to outline the difference between interior designers and decorators. Each have a distinct role in the industry and associated skillsets best suited for your next project.

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Project Scope

  • Address wide range of needs from inception to initiation to execution, including master plan visioning, renovations, new construction, project management, and reimagining existing spaces and furnishings

  • Emphasis placed on functionality, safety and quality of life

  • Address more surface aesthetic-driven needs

  • Emphasis placed on adding decorative elements

Formal Education and Credentials

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited program

  • Certifications and professional affiliation with American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and/or American Institute of Architects (AIA)

  • Annual continuing education to stay up-to-date with industry innovations, codes, and safety requirements

  • Safeguards clients by hiring qualified professionals

  • No formal education, experience or certification required

  • Certification programs available to demonstrate competency and distinguish from hobbyists


  • Technical expertise with knowledge of architecture, building codes, materials and finishes, acoustics, accessibility, lighting, infrastructure systems, energy efficiency, sustainability best practices, etc.

  • Critical problem solving and spatial cohesion to address how spaces look and feel

  • Applied art form requiring artistic talent and trained eye coupled with the science of understanding people’s behaviors, habits, and wellness goals

  • Insight into the details

  • Incorporate design principles of proportion, composition, scale, balance, and lighting

  • Capable of providing pre-construction design services through to procurement and installation

  • Partner and coordinate with Architects, Developers, General Contractors, Sub-contractors, and Trade Vendors to carry out the comprehensive design

  • Concerned with look and feel of a space

  • Create aesthetic with adding elements

  • Help determine aesthetic preferences

  • Visual update of furnishings and decor

  • Partner with industry professionals like upholsterers and painters that focus on home decoration


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