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Why You Need a Design Expert

Part of setting you up for a successful home design endeavor is knowing why—and when—to engage an expert. Adorna knows a thing or three about just that.

Two critical aspects of any project are time and money. We like to think peace-of-mind is, too. At Adorna, we prioritize protecting your investment and making your client—and project—experience a streamlined and informed one. We listen first and act second, which is why our architecture and interiors expertise informs thoughtful recommendations to help you navigate from goals and concepts to vision and execution.

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Are you planning a renovation or building a new home?

So much planning and decision-making goes into reworking an existing structure, adding onto it, or building from scratch. Adorna is uniquely qualified to ensure the interiors and architecture of your property elevate one another. We also can be the north star that maintains organization and transparency so you can feel confident making the investment and simply enjoy this exiting time.

Larger-scale efforts require a seasoned and intentional approach. Through first evaluating your needs and what programmatic components support them, Adorna helps shape an informed vision. We then need to assess whether your existing footprint can meet your needs or if adding square footage is required—and permitted by zoning and building codes. Regardless of which, the correlation between budget and project scope is always revisited so you do not expend unnecessary resources proceeding too far down the wrong path.

Adorna can either provide referrals to help you build your project team or join at the beginning of your project if you’ve just hired an architect or contractor. For the duration of your project, Adorna adeptly navigates complexities and leverages strategic partnerships with trusted industry professionals and trade vendors. Because we pride ourselves on being intuitive listeners and collaborators, the designs we create together with our clients have a lasting impact and enduring character.

Are you buying a new property?

Often time homeowners making a move or purchasing a new property are solely relying on insights from their realtor and go-to loved ones for advice. We’ve seen countless scenarios where homeowners admit they wished they had a professional on hand earlier to identify constraints and opportunities. Are the bones good? Could we renovate or add on? What would that entail? Would we be overinvesting? Whether enlisted by the buyer or as a consultant to the realtor, a consultation with Adorna is how to obtain an objective, expert assessment of how a property can—or cannot—fulfill aspirational lifestyle goals.

Did you just move?

Moving can be a stressful endeavor which is why Adorna recognizes the importance of methodical space planning. Whether you’ve just purged your belongings or are working with a skeleton inventory of pieces, we consider both a clean slate and new opportunity to create something you’ll love. We provide clarity on ways to maximize functionality and maintain a physical and visual flow throughout your home. This is achieved through furnishing layouts, procurement and installation. Nothing brings us more joy than handing the keys back over to you for a big reveal.

Does your existing home no longer serve and inspire you?

When you’ve resided in a home or owned a property long enough, your surroundings may either be purposeful and endearing or ineffective and dated. If it feels like it’s time to consider your options but you don’t know where to begin, Adorna can consult on how to assess and prioritize the most effective use of your time and money, so you have clarity and confidence moving forward.

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