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Prioritizing Projects

With a New Year comes motivation to go on adventures, focus on relationships, or tackle projects—be it back-burner efforts or “the big one.” It’s also a natural time to reflect on what’s working, what isn’t working, and what can be improved or changed.

Adorna speaks from over two decades of industry experience when we say the most successful and sustainable ventures are the ones rooted in a methodical, educated approach. This is precisely why we offer to consult on master plan visioning. It matters to us that you’re going into your next chapter with eyes wide open and objective expertise to guide you.

We help clients assess priorities and confidently map out action items to get them to their goals. The process is customized to your scope of work—however extensive—whether it be multiple spaces within your existing footprint, the prospect of adding on, building new, acquiring a property or renovating a remote vacation residence. The collaboration requires candid conversations that lead to enthusiastic visioning. Think of it as satisfying left-brained pragmatism and right-brained creativity, alike. The Adorna team is skillfully well-versed in both.

Let us set you up for a confident fresh start and great year ahead!

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